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There is no question about it. Video content is the BEST way to grab attention now a days. Having a strong visual portfolio gives the look of a premium brand. We work with artists on individual video projects and or monthly content shoots to allows you to unlock that next level of attention.

Craft your Unique Look!

Every project deserves it's own unique look. Every project comes with a pre production meeting where we discuss your music journey so far, your future goals, the message you want to give, listen to some of your music and go over any base ideas. Then from there we craft a unique video content strategy.


When you think of your favorite music artist what comes to mind? What do you think your current fans think of you or when they hear your music? You strike emotions and paint a picture musically that bonds you together. We use visual content to elevate that connection even more by telling your story through engaging photo & video content.

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Jordan johnson - Owner - J angel visuals

If it isn't obvious I have a huge passion for working with music artists. It's where my journey began with filmaking in general. Hearing all the incredible music and being able to come together in order to create a unique look for you through all your visual content. It all comes from pure passion for what I do. Challange me and allow me to challange you. Let's create

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music video FAQ

What does music video pricing start at?

A. Pricing for a run n gun sessions starts at $600. From here we offer two other packages that you can see in our pricing section above. For the Angel Treatment Package it comes with custom features.

Where are you based and do you travel?

A. Based in Colorado Springs, Co and yes I do travel. Passport ready for international work as well. service the Colorado and Denver areas.

When will we get our final music video edit delivered?

A. You'll receive a private online link to view the first draft of your music video within 2 weeks after shooting. At this point we will have you go through and review the project to see if there are any wanted and or needed changes that have to be made. Then the final revised version will be delivered via google drive organized with the final video, trailers, photos and any other promo content created.

do you come up with music video ideas for me?

A. yes! we beleive over at j angel visuals want to help take the weight off your shoulders and allow us to craft a unique visual idea. A custom music video story treatment will come with the standard music video package and up. On Run N Gun shoots you'll receive creative direction on unique shot ideas in the moment.

Do i actually perform my song while filming a music video?

A. It's highly recommended that you perform your song like you're performing it in the booth. The more expression you can give the better the product. Please make sure you know your song word for word as well to ensure the best product possible.